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Custom ID badges can be used for a number of purposes. They can be used to step up security in your office, they can be used to identify people at a seminar, or they can be used as an entry card for conventions and special events. In the past you had to get these special identification tags professionally designed and printed. However, today you can take advantage of desktop publishing tools to design and create your own custom ID badges in your office.

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If you are throwing a special event and need to create ID cards for your attendees then custom ID badges are a great alternative to name badge stickers. When designing your custom id badge make sure that you include all the information that is pertinent to the event. For example, if you are throwing a training seminar then you will want to include this information: attendee’s name, their job title, their company affiliation and what type of admittance they will be allowed. For example you may have all access admittance for people interested in attending all of the seminars and seminar activities, and a limited access admittance badge for people who only want to attend specific lectures or seminar activities.

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Custom ID badges also work great for employee ID passes. When designing your employee ID badge you will want to include: a photo of the employee, their name, their job title, department and your company logo. It is a good idea to laminate these badges to help them last longer. Some companies have also started adding bar codes to their employee IDs to prevent forgeries and to increase security.

There are several considerations you need to make when putting together your custom ID badge design. First of all you will want to decide what size and shape your ID badge will be. You will want to make sure that your badge is large enough to hold all of the information needed, large enough to be read, yet small enough so that it is not cumbersome. Next you will want to decide what type of badge holder you want to use. There are pin on badge holders, clip badge holders and badge holders that utilize a custom neck lanyard.

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