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Nurse Name Badge Pins

Nurses have several name badges that they can wear. First there are pin on name badges that identify the nurse’s name, job title and department affiliation. Secondly there are custom id badges that not only identify who the nurse is, but that also confirm that they are an official employee of a specific medical company or medical institutions.

One of the first id badges that a nurse will receive is a basic nurse name badge pin. These pins are usually plastic, small and pinned directly onto the nurse’s uniform. This name badge will utilize the color palette and design themed held by the company that they work for. Generally they will only include the nurse’s name and what type of nurse they are. For example, a nurse name badge may say: Helen Gunter, R.N.

The next type of ID badge that a nurse may be issued is an ID card badge. This card serves two purposes. First it identifies who the nurse is, and secondly it verifies that the nurse works for a specific company. Some nurse ID card badges also serve as a security device. Security name badges usually are encoded with a magnetic scan strip or a bar code. The employee can use these cards to access employee only areas of their company.

When designing a nurse name badge or a nurse employee id card you need to take several things into consideration. First of all you need to consider how the badge will be attached to the nurse. There are pin on badges, clip on badges and there are also lanyard style badges. If you want to protect your uniforms from pin holes and damage then the clip on models and the lanyard style models of name badges are the best choices. If cost is a concern, then pin on badges and badge accessories are usually going to be your best options.


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